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Chicago, IL – For the second time in two years, Vis-à-vis Creative and designer Michelle Talbot have helped Convia, a division of furniture icon Herman Miller, to launch its corporate website at

Convia provides businesses with flexible, adaptable and intelligent controls for power management. The company recently formed an alliance with Wiremold/Legrand, the leading provider of modular electrical distribution components. As part of the partnership, Convia Controls are now built into Wiremold’s flexible electrical wiring systems, resulting in an integrated energy management platform that can be adapted to meet the changing needs of any business user.

The new alliance means that Wiremold now sells the Convia system. This scenario created an opportunity to revise the Convia website to reflect the value of controls in energy planning. Today, focuses on the need to include energy management, robust reporting and integrated controls into an overall strategy. By implementing a comprehensive approach to energy management, companies can reduce electricity usage and recoup unrecognized savings in the form of lower utility bills, tax incentives and rebates provided by power companies.

Because all of the components of the Convia system are built with “plug and play” compatibility, they are 100% reusable, meaning that installing Convia and Convia-enabled products not only reduces energy use, but helps companies dumpster-proof their buildings. Instead of ending up in landfill, Convia gets reused, even after a company reconfigures a space.

Re-designing the Convia website gave Vis-à-vis Creative a chance to marry high-end design standards with very fluid navigation and a creative interface built around the value of control. The revised Home Page features a flash-driven experience where visitors can choose from different energy management strategies to view vignettes that show how investing in an energy plan can have a big return.

George Simkins, president of Vis-à-vis Creative Concepts said, “We are delighted to be working for Convia through this second iteration of The new site picks up where the old one left off, with outstanding design, intuitive navigation, and more opportunities for businesses to learn about the value of controls.”

The site also features enhanced press release and installations sections (which both include a look at Convia lighting controls installed in the new USGBC headquarters in Washington DC). Future improvements will include an interactive calculator where facility managers can input data that relates to their building to see what kinds of investment returns Convia can yield.

“Convia is committed to providing our customers with solutions that help them achieve sustainable spaces, as well as the tools to educate them throughout the process,” said Jane Chadesh, Vice President of Marketing for Convia. “With our new interactive, hands-on website, our goal is to help familiarize the engineering, architecture and design communities with the Convia platform and better understand how they can maximize their energy savings strategies.”

The site has been optimized for Natural Search, and is built around a comprehensive content management system (CMS), making it easy for Convia employees to make additions or changes without having to go through a Web programmer. Updates are “on demand,” meaning that non-technical people can make modifications and publish them in real time, with ease.

Visitors can still use the site to request sales calls, schedule a tour of the Convia showroom, arrange a Lunch and Learn visit to their business, or sign up for an informative Webinar.

The site went live on June 15, 2009, to coincide with the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair in Chicago.

About Convia, Inc.
Convia, Inc./A Herman Miller Company, seeks to advance energy management strategies and change the way people design, build, personalize and manage space. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Convia offers an end-to-end level of control that enables a building to adapt to the evolving needs of the people and organizations who occupy it while helping facility managers broaden their energy goals. Through Convia Controls, the company provides a control platform that fuels the adaption of flexible, sustainable spaces that can ultimately reduce real estate and building operating costs while improving employee productivity. For more information about Convia, visit

About Vis-à-vis Creative Concepts
Vis-à-vis Creative Concepts is a strategic marketing, advertising and design firm, based in Chicago, with a reputation for award-winning work that stirs the imagination and produces tangible results. For more information, visit

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