The Top 75 Startups in Chicago Were Announced This Week and We’re On The List! (Sort of…)

So let’s set the record straight – although Vis-à-vis isn’t actually listed as one of the top startups of the year, we work with them, all the time. In fact, 5 of of the 75 companies honored this year are our clients: Retrofit, ParkWhiz, Narrative Science, UpCity and Morsel.

Companies like ours work with startups for the same reasons that people work for startups: We enjoy more responsibility, more opportunity, a faster pace to execute deliverables, and we get to do different and interesting things.

And importantly, we get a chance to work with (and learn from) people who are literally changing the world with each new iteration of their companies.

The clients on this list have engaged us in any number of ways – naming, messaging, logo creation, collateral design, web development, animation, video production, online/offline and out-of-home ad campaigns – there is almost no aspect of what we do that we haven’t done for these startups.

Since many of these companies are redefining digital design, advertising and consumer connection, we benefit from their innovation, and try to build on their best practices. What we gain from one relationship, we bring to the rest of our client base – even the big clients who wish they could be as nimble and inventive as a startup.

And while all of this is terribly exciting, it belies the best reason to work with startups: we’re all in this together. From the first meeting to the day a client’s company gets funded and becomes wildly successful, their victory is sweeter because we did it together, as creative partners. Conversely, the downside is easier because as our clients take the leap, we’re holding hands, and that makes landing a little softer.

So no, we’re not actually on the list, but we’re proud to have helped shape our clients’ success in getting here. We congratulate our friends and look forward to connecting with more of you in the future. And we can’t wait to see what changes 2015 will bring.

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