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CHICAGO, IL – AdGooroo, a market research company for search engine advertisers, was featured today in a case study on MarketingSherpa conducts interviews with brand-side marketing VPs and publishes best-practices case studies and work samples in the Members-Only portion of their Web site.

The campaign that was featured was AdGooroo’s “Marketing Zen/I’m a Tool” effort, which combined a series of online and offline messages to drive business decisions during the turbulent 4th Quarter of 2008. Specifically, AdGooroo wanted to reach potential and existing clients to remind them during the late stages of Strategic Planning to remember to leave money in the 2009 budget for digital marketing enhancements. The goal of the campaign was immediate and clear: reach C-level decision makers and remind them of the importance of using AdGooroo in 2009.

The campaign was slated for October; the historic 2008 Presidential Election and the World Series were growing and ongoing distractions; and companies were exacerbated by the banking bailout congress was contemplating.

“At the time, we were just beginning to see trepidation in the minds of people spending money in ‘09. But AdGooroo was and is a clear alternative: the toolset gives online marketers an unparalleled view of the competitive field, and provides a level of revenue protection for companies,” says George Simkins, President of Vis-à-vis Creative.

To convey the wisdom of including AdGooroo as a 2009 line item, Vis-à-vis Creative proposed a two-pronged approach that focused on “Marketing Zen” – an offline campaign wherein AdGooroo targets executives of the company’s thirty top prospects; and a far-reaching email campaign targeting thousands of contacts, including current clients poised for upgrades, and other top prospects.

Beginning at the end of October and lasting until just after Thanksgiving, a series of gifts was sent to the decision makers: a bonsai tree, a set of bonsai shears, and an AdGooroo-focused premium (a copy of AdGooroo Founder Richard Stokes’ book, Marketing Search Advertising, and an “I’m a Tool: Use Me!” AdGooroo t-shirt).

Corresponding emails were sent out with messages that developed the “Marketing Zen/I’m a Tool” idea:

  • The first included headlines pulled straight from the day’s financial news, coupled with the image of a bonsai tree and a line that said, “We thought you might need a little Zen.” The email closed with the sign off, “Competitive analysis tools from AdGooroo.”
  • The second email focused on the “I’m a Tool” message, but included an image of bonsai shears, suggesting that success requires the right tool for the job, and marketers should be careful where to cut.
  • Having firmly established Marketing Zen, the final email pushed past the bonsai theme to focus squarely on the tool message, returning the orange and blue brand colors. 

The MarketingSherpa Case Study made specific mention of several personalized touches, including the fact that each email was sent from an actual person within the AdGooroo organization (as opposed to a generic “department@” email address), and the “click here to learn more” link actually initiated an email reply from the recipient back to the sender.

The person-to-person contact, along with the creative themed premium gifts, solicited many personal replies and responses, and ended up generating a whopping 1,400% ROI for AdGooroo before the year was out.

Robin Simkins, Executive VP of Client Services for AdGooroo (and the focus of the Case Study) understands the value of breaking through to clients with a personalized message:

“All business, at the end of the day, is about relationships. Vis-à-vis Creative helps us put our Executive Team face-to-face with our clients, which we believe is essential to our success.”

For the next seven days, the full case study can be found here:

(After seven days, the case study becomes available only to MarketingSherpa members. To obtain a copy, after the expiration date, please click here.)

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